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Kahr P380

The first Kahr pistols that were launched back in 1994 were made entirely of carbon steel. Although some models like the K9 were praised for their solid construction, they were also criticized for the excess weight, which in a gun intended for concealed carry is a major disadvantage. Kahr then attempted to address these issues by introducing polymer framed models.

The Kahr P series is a line of double action only, semi automatic pistols. The market that it caters to includes the civilian concealed carry market and is also used as a backup weapon by law enforcement officers. The P380 pistol is manufactured with stainless steel and black polymer, and like most of Kahr's products, the construction of the P380 is considered its strongest trait.

Weighing less than a pound, fully loaded and just 0.75 inches wide, the Kahr P380 is a subcompact pistol, so light and small that it can serve almost anyone's backup or concealment needs. By the look of the pistol, it is obvious that superior quality materials were used to make it.

The quality of the Kahr P380 is unparalleled in comparison to any of its competitors. This is mainly because it has all the components necessary for a concealed carry pistol. Exceedingly reliable, highly effective and concealable, the Kahr P380 offers a good bang for your buck.

All Kahr pistols, including the P380 fire from a locked breech. The locked breech design is extremely helpful in diminishing felt recoils in lightweight guns. The offset feedramp or barrel lug also help in reducing the muzzle flip of the pistol. This setup allows the trigger bar to ride next to the barrel lug instead of being under it, resulting in the bore axis sitting lower in the hand and also aids in taming any muzzle flips.

The Kahr P380 has been noted by gun enthusiasts as an exceptionally easy gun to shoot with, while maintaining considerable accuracy. The muzzle flip and recoil are minimal due to the lock breech as mentioned above. The double action only trigger of the pistol is smooth and helps keep your sights aligned as you fire. Like many other Kahr semi automatic pistols, the P380 also has an external slide lock which is turned on by the magazine follower to lock open as you fire the last shot.

Maintenance and cleaning of the Kahr P380 requires no special tools and can be done easily, owing to its simple disassembly, although special attention should be paid during the reassembly. The spring system and the positioning of the slide stop must be perfect to avoid malfunction.

Overall, the Kahr P380 is an impressive little beast. Its competitors are finding it very hard to beat this subcompact semi-automatic gun in any way. For those who require comfortable conceal abilities with effectiveness and accuracy, this may be the perfect weapon out there. Combined with Kahr's reputation for reliability, gun enthusiasts, the world over, are impressed with the results that this pistol has to offer.

Model: P380
Action: DAO
Caliber: 380 ACP
Overall Length: 4.90"
Overall Height: 3.90"
Overall Width: 0.75"
Barrel Length: 2.53"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 6 + 1
Weight: 9.97 oz.