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Sig Sauer P238

Ever since they first set up shop in the States about 2 decades ago, Sig Sauer has become the most well reputed firearms manufacturer in the world after Colt. They are distinguished by their appealing design and structural frames, which tempt even non-enthusiasts to take these babies out on the range for a round or two.

This might also explain why Sig Sauer is one of the most popular guns used by civilians. And with that in mind, the Swedish manufacturer has introduced the .380 caliber P238. The 238 is being marketed as a self defense weapon for the average Joe; easy to carry and conceal.

The words Sig Sauer have always been followed by stylish, appealing and compact; the new offering aims on keeping it that way. The P238 is available in a variety of textures and color finishes ranging from rosewood grips to glossy two tones in order to appeal to a vast crowd, who may select the finish of their choosing. As mentioned before, the P238 is intended to be used as a self defense pistol for short range shooting, so don't be fooled by the playful looks of the Sig Sauer; a .380 can stop a raging bull in its tracks.

At first glance, you are bound to appreciate the intrinsic design of the Sig Sauer P238. But the P238 is not just pretty in looks; hold it in hand to see where we are getting at. Weighing in at about 15 ounces, the P238 is not too heavy to fit in the pocket nor too lightweight to compromise grip control, making it the perfect weapon for concealed carry.

The design is also somewhat reminiscent of the legendary Colt Mustang, which is a good thing. But what is a pretty design worth when the gun doesn't perform in high pressure situations. Let's see if the P238 can hold its own on the range.

We tested the Sig Sauer from a 17 yard range. Shots were fired accurately, with all of the seven rounds being fired without a hitch. Trigger pull and recoil was also one of the smoothest we had seen on a concealed carry. Compared to the successful Ruger LCP model which caused straining after firing a few rounds, the Sig Sauer was a pleasure to shoot.

However, once we were done with the shooting, we examined the major flaw in the design i.e. the safety. The frame mounted safety can lead to potential problems after a shooter is done with the range as it just doesn't have a natural feel to it. Newer shooters may especially have problems as they try to use the slide mounted safety in a high pressure situation.

The Sig Sauer P238 is a delight to shoot on the range, but when it comes to a self defense weapon, there can be no error. Though the Sig P238 is one of the most desirable guns on the market, be careful of the the thumb safety. It can prove to be the difference between dead or alive in a high pressure situation.

Model: P238
Action: SAO
Caliber: 380 ACP
Overall Length: 5.50"
Overall Height: 3.90"
Overall Width: 1.10"
Barrel Length: 2.70"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 6 + 1
Weight: 15.20 oz.