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Walther PPK

Even though concealed carry weapons are gaining significant traction nowadays due to their practicality, some models are given more attention than others. While big names such as Colt and Sig Sauer are regularly featured in gun magazines and forums, lesser known models such as Walther end up at the opposite end of the spectrum. Don't believe us? Do a Google search for Mustang Pocketlite; you'd have about 50 pages full of Colt reviews. Now search for Walther PPK, you'd barely find a few scattered reviews here and there.

Even though the newer PK380 is not one of the most successful Walther, the firearms manufacturer did gain worldwide fame for its PPK model, thanks to a certain British spy exchanging his ACP Beretta for a .32 chambered Walther in one of the most famous movies of all time. Since then, the PPK has become a cultural icon, with Walther re-releasing the series with minor revamps every few years.

Bringing the best of both worlds, the PPK is claimed to offer the versatility of a 380 with the stopping power of a 9mm, while being concealable and easy to carry. Let's see if James Bond made the right choice in exchanging the Beretta for a PPK.

The 2013 PPK matches the center fire PPK version in every aesthetic, ranging from dimensions to weight. As expected, the construction is classy along with the extended grip, which gives home to the pinky finger that was astray while holding the original PPK. Included in the box is a 10 round magazine among other things such as a guns lock and an owner's manual.

On the side of the gun is the thumb release for reloading empty magazines, along with safety flips that have a choice of "fire" and "safe". You will also come to appreciate the amount of craftsmanship on this particular model, giving off the feel of holding a real gun instead of a pocket sized version.

The PPK is aimed for newer shooters who won't be able to handle the recoil from a 380 as well as experienced shooters who would like a backup gun on the side. Right off the bat, there were some issues within the 100 rounds that we fired, including a jam at round 33. However, as we got to use the gun further, the jamming issues dwindled and surprisingly, the gun fired much smoother than when it first got out of the box.

Also worthy of mention is the smooth trigger pull that the PPK offers, along with the minimal recoil. That's not to say that the recoil was the smoothest, but it offered a fair compromise between fun and controllability.

The Walther PPK still carries on the heritage of its forefathers in the 60s, proving to be a great choice for both experienced and inexperienced shooters. The design, construction and appeal associated with the PPK name is worth the $400-$500 price tag that it's being sold for.

Model: PPK
Action: DA/SA
Caliber: 380 ACP
Overall Length: 6.10"
Overall Height: 3.80"
Overall Width: 1.00"
Barrel Length: 3.30"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 6 + 1
Weight: 22.40 oz.